Escape from New Providence!!

We expected our weather window to look good for travel on Tuesday or Wednesday, and now it’s Thursday, so the window didn’t materialize as predicted. Now our best window appears to be Friday-Saturday, so we are making plans to escape New Providence at last. We plan to leave Friday afternoon, and do an overnight run to our destination at Lynyrd Cay on Abaco. It is a run of just over 100 miles, it will take about 13 hours so arrival should be sometime around 0800 Winds are predicted to be in the 10-15 kt. range, should be relatively calm compared to the past two weeks! Nick and Carolyn, our hosts here at Coral Harbour have been consulting with us about the run, and recommend traveling overnight to take best advantage of light both leaving NP and arriving in Lynyrd Cay. There is a channel leading into the anchorage that can be tricky, so we don’t want to chance it in fading light and especially when the light will be coming from the west, We are traversing suitableĀ  waters, New Providence is surrounded by deep water, waters both north and east are mile-plus deep, so no worries about coral heads!

So we’ll shove off from Coral Harbour in the afternoon, we may have some company since there are a lot of boats holed up in and around NP, and at Thursday’s cruiser’s lunch at the Green Parrot, there were lots of cruisers there, and lots of chatter about who is going where and when. Dottie and Ken aboard Dreamweaver may buddy boat with us to the Abacos, we’ll be looking for them when we approach the north shore of NP.

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