Shark River – Belmar NJ

Arrived Shark River Inlet at Belmar, NJ 8/14 at 3PM, Shark River is unique, there is a draw at the Inlet, and the inlet currents can be up to 2 kts. when the tide is running. We arrived as the charter fleet was collecting at the inlet to await the bridge opening, so we had the advantage of being able to follow their lead into the inlet. The tide was running fairly strong as we entered, there are 3 bridges to navigate, and the openings are adequate for a single vessel to pass. With the current running, it can be tricky keeping in the center of the opening, as the bridges are not situated in a straight line, so the currents twist around the openings and make for an exciting passage! We made slip reservations on the way, so we had a slip waiting for us.

Belmar is a small shore town, we broke out the bicycle, and explored a bit, went to West Marine, found a great bakery and got some very yummy pastries to compliment our breakfast.

Our decision to do a marina stay was a good one, there is no anchorage to speak of, and we had some storms accompany the passage of a cold front in the evening. It was a good night to be tied to the dock!!  The forecast for Friday was not particularly good, so we opted to stay another day. As it turned out, the weather that was supposed to be didn’t materialize, so we spent some time walking and biking around the town.

Saturday morning started off foggy, but the forecast was for high pressure to dominate, so we headed out with the charter fleet just after 7AM. Transit through the bridges was less exciting as the current wasn’t quite as swift, and the helmsman paid very close attention to how the charter captains navigated the bridge openings, and followed their lead through the bridge fenders. They run the inlet many times a day, they know intimately how the currents behave through the openings.

We passed through all the open bridges in short order, and the final one held open just a few minutes longer for us. Thanks, Ocean Ave!!

Out to sea in the fog with about 3/4 mi. visibility. Fog lifted by 9AM, seas were about 3 ft. with about an 8 sec. period. Very smooth cruising! Again saw porpoise, Barb’s excitement for the day!

A 4 hour cruise to Sandy Hook, then on to New York Harbor!

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  1. Les & Karen on 19 Aug 2008 at 8:40 AM #

    Steve & Barb – Great job keeping everyone involved. We wish you well & a safe journey.
    Lone Star