Cruising to Cambridge, MD

We decided to take a couple of days to head off to do a little cruising, we’ve been working on the boat for some time and really haven’t taken the time to enjoy it. So Thursday AM found us heading south. We headed for Knapp’s Narrows,

and took a leisurely cruise up to Harris Creek where we overnighted on the hook in one of the Bay’s best spots.

A quiet evening and a restful night, discounting the trips to the foredeck with Miss Molly at o’dark-thirty.  After a relaxed trip to the shore and some breakfast, we completed the run to Cambridge where we arrived at about noon.

We’ll stay tied to the wall here for a day or 2 while we explore a bit. We’re taking it easy on the dinghy which is in need of a new water pump impeller. That can wait until we return to Stansbury and have access to parts via vehicle.

I’ll be posting some photos later on tonight, since we have wi-fi available here, they’ll be in the gallery in addition to what I put up here.

We found that there is a regatta of hydroplane race boats and a race Saturday and Sunday, so there should be plenty of activity around. We took a short walk to visit the folks at Mid Shore Electronics, and later went back out for a longer hike to find the local ice cream joint. Ports of call are always rated by the proximity of ice cream to the docks.

The humidity has abated, tonight will likely be another no-A/C night, with a nice breeze going. The pups had lots of activity today, so Molly may not be up as often!

One Response to “Cruising to Cambridge, MD”

  1. Liz & Brian on 30 Jul 2008 at 2:55 PM #

    Hey Sipes, We’ve been checking your blog ever so often, in part to see what you retireees are doing all day, but mostly looking for pictures of the pup. came across random pic of Molly in the cooler, she is too cute. her eyes just make your heart melt. I’m sure she’ll be swimming in no time once she grows into her sea legs. Have an ice cream, a cold brew and enjoy the bay breezes for us.