Back Home at Stansbury

After spending the weekend at Fairlee Creek with Tequila & crew, we returned to our home slip at Stansbury. We’ll be taking some short Bay cruises while we complete some maintenance chores, and continue training our newest crew member. We’re fortunate to have a sandy beach at the marina, ideal for acclimating a puppy to the water. Molly seems to be taking to the water quickly, she’s had a few tumbles off the dock. They’re floating docks, so retrieving the retriever is not too difficult! She’s a handful, but she’s leaning quickly! We’ll also begin moving aboard. Now comes the part of figuring how to fit everything we think we can’t live without… into 43 feet. We’ll put our organizational skills to the test over the next few weeks, I’m sure!

Maerin performed well on our cruise up the Bay, we made a short stop in Annapolis for the obligatory visit to Fawcett’s & Storm Bros. and some socializing for Molly. It was great to be on board after 7 long weeks!

One Response to “Back Home at Stansbury”

  1. Shawn on 24 Jul 2008 at 8:04 AM #

    Steve not the first time I’ve visited the site but the new set up/blog/tracker and all the bells and whistles are great! I think you should rename the new pup: My thought for a new name is Kerplunk! Retrieving the retriever LOL. Only wish I was helping you wax the new beast. I vaguely remeber the weekends down waxing the Renker, that was a chore I can only imagine tackling the new beast! I’ll be checking in and dreaming so keep up the great work on updating so I can dream of a day…….