Bird Island

We left Wrightsville Beach Tuesday morning headed south. The day’s cruise was highlighted with a trip through “the rockpile”, a notorious section of the ICW where it passes through the Myrtle Beach area. The ICW channel is somewhat narrow in this section, and the sides of the channel are carved out of rock. Many vessels have been damaged transiting this section by straying off the centerline of the channel in order to negotiate a passing situation. We transited the rockpile without incident!

Our destination was the NC/SC border, a bit over 8 hours’ cruise. We anchored in relatively shallow water behind the dune line, just north of the Little River Inlet. Our anchor was in North Carolina, and as the tides and currents changed, we swung on the anchor from North to South Carolina! The anchorage there is a great spot for an early morning hop-off for an ocean run, since it literally a stone’s throw from the inlet. Up anchor and in just minutes you’re headed through the jetties and at sea. It’s not a great foul weather inlet, but in settled weather it’s great.

We arrived early enough in the afternoon to drop the dinghy and head to shore for a walk on the beach and a romp in the surf for molly. At the northern extent of our walk we noticed an American flag flying from a solitary pole just behind the dune line. Upon closer approach, we also saw a mailbox and benches. The mailbox was marked “Kindred Spirit” and was filled with notebooks with postings by visitors to the spot. Some of them poignant, some just with random thoughts and visitations. It was interesting, and a very peaceful spot.

We returned to Maerin before dusk, we were joined in the anchorage by two other boats for a very quiet and calm night. No anchor alarms!

One Response to “Bird Island”

  1. Lisa on 13 Nov 2015 at 7:38 AM #

    I am glad you are posting to the blog more often!
    I feel like I can come with you.
    I love this post about kindred spirits.
    I can’t help but think of Dad and how much he would have enjoyed sitting on this bench with both of you!
    Love you