Reef Diving – Sombrero Light


Today’s forecast was for another front to move into the area, with N or NW winds up to 20 kts in the afternoon. We took our dive tanks into the docks and the great folks at Tilden’s picked me and the tanks up for the short ride to the dive shop for a refill. Nice service! On our return to the boat, we vacillated about venturing out, the sky was a bit grey, so we gave it a bit of thought, and about the time we were going to bag it, the sun started poking through the clouds, so we dropped the mooring and went out to Sombrero Light.


When we arrived at the reef, the winds were about 10-15 kts out of the N-NW as predicted, but not as strong. The seas were much calmer than our day Saturday, and we suited up to dive. This is a good beginner’s dive, a good fit for us! We dove with purpose, since part of our objective was to find the weight pouch I inadvertently ejected on Saturday’s dive. I took a bearing from our position Saturday, allowed for our position from the wind, and got a compass heading to where I thought the weights should be. We swam about 5 minutes, and shortly Barb spotted the weight on the bottom and retrieved it! The whole process was an excellent exercise and a good dive lesson! Besides, it saved the hassle of replacing the weight pocket which is a specialized item for my Oceanic Flex BC.


Our dive took us to 22 ft. and we spent about 50 minutes on the bottom. We did a circle of about 200 yds, ending up right under the boat! We saw quite a variety of fish, some of which we’re still trying to identify. The colors are just remarkable! Photographs are a reasonable representation, but they simply don’t compare to the real thing!

There are more photos in the Gallery, just click on the Photo Gallery flag icon above, or on the photograph to open the gallery.


It was a great time, and we’re so glad we didn’t decide to stay in the Harbor!

Tomorrow we receive our 1st guests!

5 Responses to “Reef Diving – Sombrero Light”

  1. Al Fitch on 19 Feb 2009 at 10:11 AM #

    Hi guys,

    No wonder I haven’t heard from you for a while. you are somewhere out of the country.
    I have sent you a couple of emails but have not heard anything back. I guess the old email route doesn’t work or something. Now I understand why, you are out of the country somewhere. GOOD for you! Where exactly are you as of this Feb 16th date? Where is Sombrero Light?

    It never occurred to me to check your web site until now, Duh!

    Pat & I are glad that you are doing what you have dreamed of doing. We are still locked in with taking care of my mother. Hell, I think she will outlive me. Oh well. We take short trips in the motorhome and not too far away. Although we did go to Canada last year.

    It’s cold here, about 34 and it snowed a little yesterday and now it’s just a cold rain. Sure looks warm where you are. Miss seeing you both.

  2. maerin on 21 Feb 2009 at 3:55 PM #

    Good to hear from old friends! Who’d a thunk it back when we were slip neighbors! Glad to hear you’re still motoring around in the land-yacht!

    Maerin & Crew

  3. Shawn on 21 Feb 2009 at 9:00 PM #

    Well what to I say I’m so green with envy! Watch for them Cuda’s I think that was one on a picture. What’s the water temp like? Your pictures are great keep them coming. Enjoy yourself and keep us landlocked folks updated so we can continue dreaming.


  4. maerin on 22 Feb 2009 at 10:05 PM #

    Yes, there were a number of them hanging around. They don’t bother, just curious. But these weren’t particularly large, just about 3 ft. We’re hoping to get back out to dive some more before we leave Marathon and head across to the Bahamas. Glad you’re enjoying the photos!


  5. Mother on 25 Feb 2009 at 10:16 AM #

    Everyone I told about your 3 foot Mackeral couldn’t believe it! I hope you took pictures so I can proove it o friends. Barbara said 2 ft but I heard Steve say 3 ft. So cold here, enjoy the warmth there!! Mother