Cruising casualty!

The Nikon S9100 pocket camera I use to capture the photo memories that appear on the blog is out of commission. New last year during Andrea’s visit, it has been a great piece of gear. The 18X zoom is great for the photos we take, many taken from the boat while underway. The extra focal length brings those images close enough to make out details that were previously lost on the 5100 series it replaced. Small enough to fit in a pocket, it’s handy enough to have along all the time, and produces images that are more than adequate for use on the blog.
The biggest hazard to a cruising camera is the unavoidable proximity to sand and salt water. Salt water ingress is the kiss of death for any electronic device, so an Otter box provides a waterproof housing for the camera during dinghy rides where salt spray is inevitable. During a recent trip, I forgot to remove the camera from the storage pouch on the dink, and when I retrieved it, I grabbed the lanyard, unaware that the box wasn’t latched tight. The camera flipped out of the box and onto the dinghy floor- which was covered by an inch or two of rainwater. The camera took a quick dip. Uh-oh. Better rainwater than seawater, but cameras and water really don’t mix! Despite my instant reflex to grab the camera, there was enough water ingress to cause problems. The camera spent two days in a ziplock bag with a bunch of dessicant packs, and all traces of moisture disappeared, and it functioned normally- for about 3 days. Now, not so much! So it will be sent for repairs when we return stateside, and the standby Nikon 3400 will be pressed into service.

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