Back at Stansbury

We arrived at Stansbury on Memorial Day after our cruise from Solomon’s. Our stopover there was highlighted with a visit with Bill & Jean of Chapter III who are always a joy to visit and catch up with. They had some unintentional involvement in our search for a boat, and we as well had unintended influence in their decision to purchase their sister ship Solo/Selene as well. But long stories aside, we enjoy stopping over in Solomon’s and more so if Bill & Jean are around for a visit!

Departure from Solomon’s came early in the morning, as we made our way north on the final leg of our cruise back to our home port. An uneventful but very warm cruise as temps soared into the 90s, and our cruise took us down wind, no breeze to speak of. But otherwise a smooth run, and bittersweet to be in familiar waters again.

We will spend a few weeks at Stansbury for refit and maintenance. There is a long list of items to take care of, along with doctor visits, vet visits, check on the house, and visits with family. Each subsequent stopover finds us spending less time in York, and more time aboard. The transition from dirt house to water seems to be nearly complete, as the house is not so much home as it is a place to stay when we’re in town for other stuff.

Maerin will be a mess while the long list of “to-do” items is whittled down, and “project creep” adds unforeseen tasks to that never-ending list. So posts will be sparse for a bit. Plans for the next few months are, as usual etched in Jell-O. Stay tuned!

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