First Steps on Christmas Eve


October- 1-1/2 months after...

We received a heartwarming Christmas gift in the form of a video of daughter Andrea taking her first steps. At least her first since September 5th when she was injured in a motorcycle accident. There were some posts back in September and October about Barb flying to San Francisco to help Andrea manage during her recovery from multiple surgeries. She spent seven weeks there, and Andrea has been progressing well, albeit slowly. Her ankle was mangled pretty badly. With sister Karen now spending a few weeks in San Francisco to act as personal assistant and do some cheerleading, Andrea has achieved a milestone by walking on her own! Congratulations, sweetheart! It’s been a long haul!

One Response to “First Steps on Christmas Eve”

  1. Mother on 29 Dec 2010 at 11:50 AM #

    Fabulous! She even watched while they took the pins out!! She said it didn’t hurt as much as much as she thought it would. Much better now that she’s home and relaxed.

    Enjoy St. Augustine- lovely place!