We said farewell to Savannah Sunday. We checked the weather predictions, and since there was a good possibility of increasing winds and a rough run outside, we decided to play the tides and stay inside. It would require 2 days of travel to Brunswick, but we were in no hurry. It was to be our 1st time on the ICW south of Tybee Roads, as all of our transits of that section have been outside overnight runs. Our two days’ run only confirmed that our historic preference is not without some merit! The inside section is tortuously winding, through areas of skinny channels and skinnier water. We were able to do most of our traveling through the most notoriously troublesome sections on a high tide. Transiting some of those sections at low tide would be out of the question.

We arrived in Brunswick Monday afternoon, a few days ahead of our projected arrival and reservation, but Sherry and crew at Brunswick Landing were ready to find us a spot and help us get settled in. Since the overnight temperatures have been dropping into the 20’s here, we’re happy to be dockside where we have power and can keep things snug and warm! Daytime temps are only climbing into the 40’s, unseasonably cold for Georgia. Global Warming. Oh, ‘scuze me, climate change. Hrrrmmph!

Arrival in Brunswick is becoming like old home week, Wednesday evening happy hour at the club house was fun, we renewed old friendships and made some new ones. There were at least four couples there who we had met in previous visits. Brunswick Landing Marina is a top notch stop, we’re always comfortable leaving the boat here to travel home, and the folks at the marina are very hospitable. We’ll be back, I’m sure as this will be a regular stopover on future migrations.

We’ll be doing the car rental dance (where we rent a car locally for a day, drive to JAX airport to pick up a much less expensive rental to drive home, return the local, drive home, then repeat the process when we return!) The dance saves about half the cost of renting from the regional airport where you can count on paying nearly double the rental rate charged at a major airport. We’ll be in York for a little over a week for an early Christmas celebration and family visit.

3 Responses to “Brunswick”

  1. joyce & chris on 12 Dec 2010 at 7:51 PM #

    hey there!!! we are in lauderdale for the boat parade, and some stuff at the club. leaving tuesday to go home for christmas, then return by new year’s. where will you be????? i know you’re stopping here. just do it when we can be here too! how about bringing us another hog maw????? we would be happy to purchase it; but are having trouble finding it in these stores! we will be happy to purchase it from you too!!!!

  2. Steve on 12 Dec 2010 at 8:24 PM #

    OK, one maw on the way!!

  3. Joe M/V Carolyn Ann on 18 Dec 2010 at 10:30 PM #

    Hey Steve,

    Say hey to Sherry and “Killer” Sherry’s guard dog. We plan to be back there March’ish. If you’re still there we’ll get together!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

    Joe & Punk

    Carolyn Ann