Oriental, NC

Oriental’s one of our favorite stops on the ICW. It seems that every time we’ve been here though, the weather’s been something less than ideal. Today’s arrival was true to form, with winds gusting and threatening clouds all around. We set the hook in Green’s Creek as the rain began in earnest, and decided to wait it out to drop the dink over the side. After an hour or so, the showers dissipated and we lowered the dink for a trip into town.

We were disappointed to learn that the local Inland Waterway Provisioning store, a must-visit on every cruiser’s itinerary, was closed. Evidently the closing came sometime this summer as a result of a divorce. Too bad, it was always a favorite stop and carried a wide variety of marine supplies and interesting gift stuff. Life goes on. We’ll probably head out in the morning for Swansboro. We’ll pass through Beaufort but probably won’t stop this time. We’ll bank our marina stay for Charleston, instead! Our trip thus far has been primarily focused on covering miles- getting some distance between us and the cold, hence the sparse activity on the blog. There will be more forthcoming as the weather warms and our movement slows a bit.

Stay tuned!

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