New Smyrna Beach-Cocoa

We made a short run from Port Orange and Seven Seas Marina to New Smyrna Beach on Wed. The anchorage in New Smyrna Beach is a good spot, a short dink ride to the public landing at a delightful park and town. Not a whole lot there, but a nice town. We found a Yamaha dealer close by, and took advantage of the proximity to stock up on some spare parts for the outboard. Plugs and a rebuild kit for the water pump, and some conversation with the very friendly staff at Gerry’s Marina regarding our rough start & idle. They gave me some pointers and parts in hand, we headed back to the boat.

The following morning we took the dink and headed down river a bit. We were treated to a show by a pod of porpoises, probably half a dozen or so, with young ones. The young’un’s were pretty small, about a quarter of the size of the adults. It was lots of fun to see them playing. Although we frequently see porpoise playing in our bow wave on the big boat, they keep their distance from the dink.

Thursday morning we left as the fog began to clear, headed to Cocoa about 45 miles. An uneventful cruise that was highlighted by our move to the flybridge. It was the first time since we left the Chesapeake the 1st day of November that we had weather fit to be outdoors to cruise. It was absolutely delightful! Temps finally started to climb in to the 70’s ! We were entertained again by porpoises playing in our bow wave.


We arrived at Cocoa about 1530, took the dink and landed at the public park, a very nice setting, beautiful park. More cruiser friendly with a public dock that sees a good bit of cruiser traffic. Cocoa is an old town, very quaint. Much of the downtown area has seen a rebirth of activity with new specialty shops, and was bustling with activity. It gave the admiral an opportunity to do some Christmas shopping! There is a bakery in town with fresh pastries, cookies, and other goodies! I visited S.F. Travis, the local hardware store, an old-time place that looked more a warehouse than  retail. Personal service is their hallmark. One of our evening visits ashore involved a bit of casual conversation with some local teens at the dinghy dock, they were swimming and diving off the dock. I guess when you’re 17, water that’s around 70 is OK!

Tomorrow we turn back north for just a few miles to the Barge Canal, where we’ll head in to Harbortown Marina where we have a slip reserved for the holidays. Maerin will get a good bath, we’ll likely top off the fuel tanks as fuel prices  continue their downward spiral, the trick is to gauge whether we wait for lower prices, or fill now!  We’ll pick up a rental to make the trip to York, it’s home for the holidays. Ice & snow, colder weather, ahh, we’ll be glad to return to sunny Florida!

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