A week in St. Augustine


We’ve stayed in St. Augustine a week now, our longest stay in one place since we left Middle River Oct. 31. It’s a lovely spot, we’ve enjoyed our activities, touring, the history and the daily routine activities of living aboard in the anchorage. Our daily routine involves some boat maintenance, dog maintenance, checking email, blogging, and lots of trips in the dink, our waterborne SUV. It is our link to shore-based activity, our grocery cart, dog shuttle, and sightseeing jitney. It transports our folding bikes to shore to expand our access. We can see a good bit more traveling by bike than we can on foot, and those trips to the grocery store are much easier by bike, especially when the store is 2 miles out or more!

Some of our more notable excursions included:


A trip to Sailor Man marine consignment store.  We learn of most of these gems from other cruisers. Learned of Sailor Man over coctails on board “Incentive”, so we made the trip out, a little over a mile hike, and talked Dan & Myla of “Kairos” into going along. The building is an old storefront, and it’s jam-packed with every sort of marine item one could imagine- from rope to fabric, faucets, lights, wire, cable, fittings, hatches, used gear, rigging… you name it. For the boating DIY’er, it’s a wonderland of stuff for projects, repairs, whatever! I came back (on the 1st trip- I returned by bike the following day) with some of the good AWAB style hose clamps, new high-vis painter line for the dink, and some other goodies!


The Flagler College (Ponce de Leon Hotel) tour, hosted by a junior co-ed. The gal knew her Flagler history, lots of interesting facts about the Flagler influence and the Gilded Age. She took us to some selected locations in the main building, highlighting points of interest and answering questions. Great tour!


A carriage ride with Dan & Myla. We suggested it because of earlier conversations we had that led us to believe Dan may have been resisting this charming southern staple at earlier stops, so perhaps he was railroaded? 🙄 We had a great tour, and the smell of horse pee will always remind us of our time in St. Augustine and Dan…. oh no, that’s not really how that was supposed to come out… we had a fun time!


A walk around the fort, and letting the dogs run on the large expanse of lawn to the north of the walls. The walls are some 14 ft. thick at the base. While they napped, a bike ride to the Winn-Dixie about 2 miles down Dixie highway for some minor provisioning, and a stop at Sailor Man. (It was right on the way back!)


Friday was grooming day. Getting tired of the shaggy look, time for a trim. 1st time for the admiral to show off her barbering skills with the trimmer we received as a Christmas gift. I’m satisfied with the results, although no tip was forthcoming.


Saturday morning was the annual Christmas parade. Lots of local involvement, some interesting characters in the parade, and lots of local folks there for the festivities. Saturday night followed after dark with the British reenactors on hand for the “Grand Illumination” celebration.


Soldiers lead a march up St. Georges St. to Government house where a decree is read, torches lit, and townfolk light candles and join in a procession back down St. Georges St. to the city gate, then back to Government house where more decrees are read, flintlock muskets fire off a noisey gun salute, and carols sung.


Church services at Memorial Presbyterian, for 2nd Sunday in Advent. Gave us some local flavor exposure, got to hear the terrific pipe organ there, had communion and heard the Word. Ha, the admiral’s word is finally not final.

Monday morning- dumpster diving. You’d think that with all the gift shops I’d certainly find a discarded box suitable for shipping a radio. It took some searching, but I finally asked at the marina store and they fixed me up with a mayonnaise box of all things. A trip to the Post Office and the pilothouse VHF is on its way to Horizon for some repairs and a new MMSI number. A backup is in place, it’s ugly, but fully functional, and there’s a second radio on the flybridge, and hand held.

So has been our week here. It’s been fun, we’ve learned a lot about the local history and culture. We’ve walked all over the town! Our next stop is Daytona Beach. We’ll probably head there Wednesday or Thursday when rain’s in the forecast. Rainy days make good travel days since we’re inside anyway when we’re traveling.

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