Home again…

We departed Ingram Marina at 0450, easily escaping the skinny water. We decided to make for Rock Hall in consideration of our early start. The Bay was very calm, winds out of the S-SW so we had a very pleasant ride. Rockfish season is in, so fishermen were out in full force. The radar screen looked like a shotgun blast. Frequent course changes were the rule of the day, since all the fishing is in the shipping channels. LOTS of boats!!

We arrived in Rock Hall about 1815, covering a total of 85 miles, a long day for us! At Rock Hall we were surprised to be greeted at the dock by friends John & Yvonne from home who have a cottage in Lankford Creek. We later were visited by boating friends Bill & Suzanne who have their boat in Rock Hall. We stayed the night in Rock Hall, then after a breakfast out with Bill & Suzanne, we made our final leg of the trip home, arriving in Stansbury mid-afternoon Saturday.

Our boating neighbor, Frank was aboard his boat and welcomed us home, as well as Susan, our marina owner and good friend. Louie, Frank’s dog and Molly’s best friend was also there. Once the dogs spotted each other, the excitement level was off the scale. Even Sammy, usually the enforcer with Louie, was squealing excitedly, a reaction we’ve never witnessed. Evidently, his bravado and bossiness belies his true affection! It was funny to see them reacting to their reunion after six month’s separation! Molly and Louie spent a few hours on the beach chasing throw toys and sticks. Till night came, there were two very tired pups!

Sunday, son Michael and girlfriend shuttled a vehicle down from York, so we’re set to be dirt dwellers for a short time while Maerin’s on the hard. We’ll finalize a haul schedule in the morning, then our maintenance projects will fall into place. The blog may be a bit sparse for a few weeks as we focus our efforts on our maintenance projects, but postings will pick back up as we close in on our departure for the Down East Loop.

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  1. Karen on 07 May 2010 at 6:02 PM #

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you didn’t work too hard today! I love you!