Back out to sea

Wednesday morning now, and we’ve recovered from our bumpy overnight, and met up with Chris & Joyce aboard Celebrate on Tuesday afternoon. It was old home week here at Brunswick as Don & Ellen aboard Sirius Endeavor arrived just ahead of Celebrate. Don & Ellen are Bella’s people, and Molly and Sammy both became very animated at the mention of her name! It was a very exciting reunion as Molly & Bella bounded toward each other after Sirius was secure. A long play time ensued, and Bella came aboard Maerin for a visit while Don tended to checking out their car which they had left here in January. They’ll put the boat to bed here while they return to their home in San Diego where they’ll cruise aboard their trawler, Emerald Rose for a few months.

So we enjoyed a pizza night out with the combined crews, it was an enjoyable evening, and we said our farewells to Don & Ellen. Since none of us made it to the Bahamas this season, we are considering meeting again in Brunswick in the fall, lashing the boats together and heading for an early crossing!!

The original plan was to head back to sea early Wed. morning for an overnight to Southport, but we decided to wait until later this afternoon when things are predicted to settle down even more. Predictions are for winds out of the S-SW at 10 or less and waves 2 ft or less with a 12 sec. period. If the predictions hold, it will be a best-case scenario for an overnight, but we’ve heard that somewhere before! The best part of the delay in departure was that I had a sampling of Joyce’s hogmaw. Warmed up it was delicious, so it was an unqualified success!

One Response to “Back out to sea”

  1. Todd & Belinda on 22 Apr 2010 at 9:17 PM #

    stay safe and have fun! Tell Barb not to be gun shy. B & I were given a sure fire cure for seasickness by a very wise Bahamian friend. It works every time he said. all you need to do is to sit under a shade tree!

    c ya soon