Relaxin’ in Miami Beach


We debated leaving Miami Beach, we’ve been here over a week, and are still enjoying it, but decided to wait out the passage of a low front for a couple of days. We’re secure, have good protection, and the park adjacent to our anchorage is a wonderful spot for the dogs (and us). A group congregates there every evening “after work”, we just head into shore about that time. Both our dogs have a great time socializing, and we’ve met some nice humans as well! Lots of the regulars are residents of the condos right next to the park, many are snowbirds from the northeast.


There was a cruiser’s pot luck dinner on Tuesday evening, about 20-25 cruisers showed up, most anchored in the vicinity of the Islands that the Venetian causeway skips across. It was an enjoyable time, a chance to meet some of our sailboat neighbors, some of whom we’ve bumped into frequently up and down the coast. We’ve taken a number of long walks down the SoBe promenade, it’s an enjoyable walk, and the past few days have been a change of pace weather-wise that can only be described as spectacular! Finally, some Florida weather!


Yesterday we stopped by the post office to send our income tax packet to the accountant, and then continued east on Lincoln Road to the beach, then south on the promenade to 10th St. On the return trip, a stop at Cold Stone Creamery recharged our energy levels! Molly really enjoys slopping through the fountains on Lincoln Road, one of which she makes a bee line for every time we pass. It’s about shoulder deep to her, and must feel refreshing. We do get some looks as she carefully hops into the fountain, but it’s all in good fun!


Today, Thursday was overcast as predicted, a bit windy, so we spent much of the day on board. We had some entertainment in the morning courtesy of the US Coast Guard. A Coast Guard “small boat” came by towing a drone that they evidently use for target practice! There were some tense moments as they attempted to bring the unpowered boat along side, and the skills of the coxwain betrayed his status as a trainee (I hope!!). Later, I did some computer housekeeping, Barb baked sticky buns…. MMMMM!!!


I also mounted the beautiful mermaid we received as a gift from Aunt Peggy. We had consulted with some of our “arty” cruising friends to help us decide on a location. Maerin provides very limited space for any “hangable” sort of things, so the gift of the precision cut metal mermaid presented a challenge to locate an appropriate spot. We decided on the sloping overhead that leads to the lower below decks accommodations, and we’re happy that she seems to fit quite well there! Thanks Aunt Peg!! She looks fantastic there!!

2 Responses to “Relaxin’ in Miami Beach”

  1. Lisa on 15 Mar 2010 at 11:05 PM #

    I like the mermaid and agree great place for her to keep watch
    4/26-4/30 where do you think you’ll be?
    Glad to hear the weather is shining you with some Fla sunshine healthy glow
    Volleyball games look like great scenery Barb
    Dogs are having great time
    My mouth is watering for those sticky buns
    Love you

  2. Karen on 17 Mar 2010 at 3:04 PM #

    That mermaid is really neat – I think the location you chose is excellent! Love you!