Thanksgiving – Cruiser style


We had heard from several cruisers about Thanksgiving at St. Mary’s ever since we were in New York, and since our travels were putting us close, we decided to look into it. We found a source for some information, an email address, and we were signed up. Our arrival in St. Mary’s coincided perfectly with the local festivities, so we were able to share Thanksgiving dinner with about 178 other cruisers! What a feast! Now anytime several boaters get together and food is involved, you can make book that no one will go away hungry, and todays function was no exception. The deal is, several St. Mary’s locals decided a few years ago that it would be great to host a cruising community


Thanksgiving dinner for the cruisers who were traveling south and were away from family. The event has become something of legend in the cruising community, and is well attended. Seagles, a local bar & restaurant, closes for the holiday. The local community arranges for the turkeys, Seagles prepares them, and each cruiser brings a covered dish. There was everything from soup to nuts, literally. All home made, or boat-made as the case would be, and brought to the groaning board for the enjoyment of all. There were 178 in attendance from what we overheard, and if 3029anyone went away hungry, it certainly was not for want of victuals! We got a chance to make some new friends, get some tips for cruising, and just enjoyed the day. The weather was beautiful, sunny and high 60’s. Our table was outdoors, and although sweatshirts were the predominant uniform, it was quite pleasant. The crowd was very predominantly sailboaters, but they still welcomed us!

Quite a memorable holiday experience!

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  1. Bill and Vivian on 28 Nov 2008 at 6:25 PM #

    Steve and Barb
    Glad to hear that your overnight went so well. And, that you had a great Thanksgiving with other boaters.
    Bill and Vivian