The Benjamins

Weather finally started to cooperate as we headed to the Benjamins, an easy cruise from Little Current. The Benjamin Islands are a circular grouping of islands unique in their geology. Their pink granite is worn smooth from glacial action and has an appearance that, from a distance looks like sand dunes. We chose to anchor at Croker Island, one of the Benjamin Islands group, but on the eastern end. We dinghied from Croker to Benjamin Island, about a mile and a half. Benjamin Island is a popular anchorage, with room for many boats. The rock formations are simply stunning, the smooth face of the pink granite creates a visual effect that is most unusual.

We spent two days in the anchorage, enjoying the sights and the hiking around the islands. Dinghy rides are always interesting, yet a bit unsettling for the presence of unknown rock. Despite the appearance of open water, there’s a good chance there could be a house-sized boulder in the middle of an expanse of 30 foot deep water, just waiting to eat the dinghy prop- or worse! Some of the trepidation is just due to the unknown, but it’s also a healthy respect for that unforgiving granite! More photos of the Benjamins in the gallery, just click on any of the blog photos to open the photo in the gallery and view the album.

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