Hawksbill Cay

We departed Highborne Cay March 13th headed for points south. With no real destination in mind, we decided we’d head south and decide a destination on the way. Celebrate was a few miles behind, they had arranged for a mooring ball at Warderick Wells, and since we determined we would revisit that part of the Park in April with family guests, we opted for a stopover at a location we’d not yet visited.

Hawksbill Cay is part of the Exuma Land & Sea Park located in the northern half of the park. It’s uninhabited, and unspoiled. Depths average around 6-8 ft in the anchorage, adequate for our draft in normal conditions, although we found some skinny sections to the approach. The beach is beautiful, and we enjoyed a roll-free few nights stay with just a few other boats in the anchorage. We explored the trails on the Cay, hiking to the ocean side and later dinked to the north end to explore the Russel ruins and for some snorkeling on the ocean side of the reef that lies between Hawksbill and Shroud Cay to the north. We enjoyed one day where the winds were under 12 kts most of the day! Our March thus far has been on the windy side, with winds averaging 15-20 kts. most days, some days higher! We’ll be happy to have the March winds leave us!

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