Weather window to the Exumas

After spending 9 days in Bimini, we’ve finally been presented a narrow weather window. There are four boats here heading towards the Exumas, and after a captain’s meeting Thursday, we’ve decided our best escape route is via an overnight passage to Highbourne Cay. The east winds are predicted to lay down for about 30 hours, enough time to complete the passage. Conditions won’t be ideal, much of the time will be bucking head seas, but the alternative is to wait another 5 to 8 days for the next predicted break in the winds. We have been experiencing sustained east winds of 20+ kts. that began the day after our arrival. There were a few days with speeds around 30, and conditions were not favorable for travel. Every destination from Bimini is at least a day’s cruise in a general eastward direction of travel, so east winds are trouble!

Our planned passage will be about 25 hours, taking us past the west end of New Providence then south to cross the bank toward Highbourne Cay. Our planned departure is for 0945 this morning, we may have a wet, bumpy ride!

We’ve had a great time in Bimini, still one of our favorites, perhaps because it was our very first landfall, but the people are friendly, the beaches beautiful, and plenty to see. But probably not a month’s worth! We’re ready to move on!

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