Saguenay to Anse-Saint-Jean

We arrived at Tadoussac Friday afternoon, oozing out of the fog as we approached the wharf adjacent to the marina docks. Tadoussac is a popular whale watching area. There is a marine mammal research facility located there that has a wonderful information or interpretation center as they’re called here. Lots of information about whales and how this area in particular ends up being a feeding ground for so many whales. We’re looking forward to sightings, we saw three belugas in a pod as we cruised from Cap-a-l’Aigle here. The fog prevented much more than that!  Fog comes and goes frequently, especially when winds with a southern component bring warm,  moist air in over the chilly (42ºF) water. We left Tadoussac after noon to play the tide up the Saguenay River, or more accurately, fjord. The scenery on the way, just breathtaking. Rugged mountains rise out of the 500+ ft. deep water as the fjord winds its way towards Baie Éternité. We plan to head there tomorrow, there are moorings there and we’re told by the locals here at the marina that the hiking trail is well worth the effort.

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  1. joyce & chris on 18 Jul 2010 at 5:51 AM #

    you guys are certainly enjoying yourselves! the pics are beautiful. we are very jealous! but we just got back from vermont….no, not by boat; and we are headed to maine….again, not by boat. in between i do have to mow a bit of lawn here at magic hollow, and at least pet the horses so they don’t think they’re orphans for 12 months of the year!

    your blog is just great! keep up the good work. looking forward to reading more!