Blog Maintenance & Upgrade

Since it’s raining in Jaxville today, after our wet return from the Winn Dixie, your humble blogger decided to do some maintenance.

For geeks, it means updating the software that runs the blog, specifically WordPress which is now up to the most current version, along with some of the other plug-ins that have consequently had some revisions to keep up with the updated base program. Since my connection to the server is via my Verizon broadband, it’s a bit slow. One thing I miss from home is the fast broadband connection. There’s no reliable wifi connection in sight here, so some of the file transfers take a bit longer.

For the casual users, it means the posts will look a little better. Photos will have a bit more margin around them, and text will wrap around the photos a little smoother. Details, details. The Location map is upgraded, it works better now, showing a line between location pins. Mousing over the pins will show the location, clicking on the push pin will open the related post. The Photo Gallery has been upgraded, there are more features, the slideshow has been improved, and there are more features to come that I haven’t yet implemented. I am also working on a cool new Google maps interface that takes our downloaded GPS track from our on-board navigation program and converts it into a visible track on a Google map very similar to the location map, so keep an eye open for that new gizmo!

Since I don’t read most of the posts after they’re put up on the blog, I rely on feedback to improve the look and function of the blog, so if you find something that’s not working right, or confusing, let me know!

Tomorrow is up at o’dark-thirty and off towards St. Augustine. We want to catch that outgoing current, it really rips when it’s running, it can be over 2 knots. That’s a lot of water moving!!

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