Low Bridge, everybody down…..

Well, a bit more than 15 miles. In bygone years, that was a typical day’s travel on the Erie Canal immortalized in the song. Our day’s travel can be up to 40-some miles, but we’re really not counting, we have no schedule, and if we see something interesting, we stop. Our 5th trip on the […]

Summer already! UPDATE!

We departed Stansbury on Sunday, June 11. We took advantage of favorable weather days and kept pushing up the Jersey coast, doing a few 75 mile runs to stay ahead of an approaching pattern that promised to create some coastal slop. We arrived at Atlantic Highlands the day before the winds shifted around to the […]

Sylvan Beach

We cruised a short day today, Sunday. Two locks, about 22 miles. We arrived at Sylvan Beach early in the afternoon, and tied to the wall along the canal. Sylvan Beach is an old town, a sort of beach town along the lake, but popular as a vacation spot since the late 1800’s. Still a […]

Waterford- I had a mule, her name was Sal…..

So a little further than 15 miles on the Erie Canal, but you get the idea. Waterford is the first stop on the canal, the first in the “Waterford Flight” of 5 locks that are transited non-stop and provide the highest lift (about 150 ft) over the shortest distance of any canal in the world. […]