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Palm Beach & points north (and West)

Our trip from Ft. Lauderdale north to Stuart entailed a stopover at Riviera Beach, and Singer Island. We landed the dogs at Phil Foster Park, currently in the final stages of construction. The park makes a great stopover point, the Anchorage is not listed in any of the cruising guides, but we found it to […]

Coconut Grove & Dinner Key

6828 We departed Miami Beach on Monday, the 15th and made a short 10 mile run south to Dinner Key where we picked up a mooring. Dinner Key Mooring Field is run by the City of Miami. City Hall is located in the old Pan-Am terminal adjacent to the marina. The waterfront extends a mile […]

Light winds, warm temps…. aaaahhhh!!!

FINALLY!! The wind piped down! Temps climbed into the 70’s, and we had bright sunshine! Real Florida weather! The wind stopped howling sometime Friday night, and we awoke to bright sunshine and relative calm! We had been growing accustomed to having the constant motion of wind-induced waves rocking us about, not enough motion to make […]

Miami Beach & SoBe

6654 We left Coral Ridge before noon on Monday and headed out Port Everglades inlet bound for Government Cut at Miami. We had a very pleasant run, with sparkling clear skies, and light winds. No wind chop, just gentle rollers. We’re finally getting into water where we can see the bottom! Not the clarity of […]

Fort Lauderdale – Coral Ridge Yacht Club

6612 We have had a busy week here in Ft. Lauderdale. We arrived on Sunday afternoon of the 21st, to a beautiful sunny day, temps in the 70’s! What a welcome respite from the cold and wind! I’m sure that everyone in south Florida who owns a boat had it out on the water that […]

Mail call…

We arrived in Lauderdale on Sunday, the 21st. Between the server outage and our very busy social calendar here at the Yacht Club, I’ve fallen behind in posting. We have friends and relatives here, so we’ve been busy with visiting as well as catching up on some parts procurement and provisioning. Barb has relatives on […]


6562 We finally ripped ourselves free of “Velcro” Beach Sunday morning, headed south. The route was set for Lake Worth, the area around North Palm Beach, but while we were on the way, we opted to head up the St. Lucie River for Stuart. We’ve never been to Stuart, and have had some cruisers mention […]

Return to Vero

After our launch outing, we returned to Cocoa to stay for a few days. We borrowed Susan’s car to do some re-provisioning, fill a dive tank, and do some other errands. We also enjoyed a night out with Sue & Jim at a local restaurant. Great meal, great company. The autopilot was returned to its […]

….Ignition…. and…. LIFTOFF!!

We were witness to the end of an era, the last scheduled night launch of the Shuttle. STS-130 Endeavour lifted off early this morning at 0414 hrs. Today’s launch was the reschedule of the launch that was supposed to take place Sunday morning, but was scrubbed due to weather. The flight was a “go” up […]

Vero Beach

6504 We arrived in Vero Beach after a leisurely cruise from Cocoa. We were finally able to cruise with the pilothouse doors open in the afternoon with temps in the low 70’s, but what a welcome relief from the cold of the last few weeks. Vero is like old home week, we were assigned a […]

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