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Good grief!

So, over the past holiday week or so I’ve been given grief on at least five occasions about not having updates. I could offer lots of excuses, but there’s an old saw about those… So I’ll just get to it. I’ve been pretty regular with posting photos, and since we’re clear that a picture is […]

Holidays in north Florida

Happy Holidays from Jacksonville. JAX has become our December destination at the Marina at Ortega Landings. It’s a secure setting if we need to travel, there’s a Publix within easy walking distance, and home of UF Health, for all those annual checkups. There’s even a vet within walking distance! This year we did Christmas there, […]

Wow! Ten years!!

Holy cow! How time flies. We started our first trip up the Hudson and the New York Canal system in August of 2008. We’ve been cruising for over ten years! In that time, we’ve logged  35,880 nautical miles (that’s equivalent to 41,290 statute miles).  This trip south on the ICW marks our 9th trip down […]

Knock, knock…

Somebody’s home.  We have occasion to visit with folks we meet along the way, sometimes we have a knock on the boat as folks pass by just to say hello. We’ve been getting a lot of “what kind of boat is this?…” comments up here in the hinterlands because well, a heavy blue water capable […]

Hanging out in JAX

After a visit to the west coast of Florida, we returned to Jacksonville in early April for a stopover. Barb jetted out to San Francisco for 3 weeks for the arrival of grandbaby #2.  I stayed behind with Molly, and took care of a bunch of maintenance chores, the biggest of which was the replacement […]

Vero Beach

Since having left New Bern, we spent a month in Jacksonville FL. Part of the stay was to enable us to make the drive to York to spend some time with family before the holidays, daughter Andrea, her hubby David and our granddaughter Kyla flew in from San Francisco and the game plan was to […]

Merry Christmas!

Our stay at the Marina at Ortega Landings was purpose-driven. We wanted a secure location to leave Maerin while we traveled to PA to visit family and a base of operations to obtain a rental from JAX as well as re-provisioning upon our return. A good choice on all counts! Our typical MO for these […]

Where are we ???

One of the most often asked questions we hear is “where are you?” Most of the time we know the answer. Most blog posts are geo-coded, meaning they are associated with a lat/lon that will show the location that corresponds with the posting on a google map. There may however, be a gap between postings, […]


Sammy came to us as a rescue by our daughter, Karen. She was stationed at Tinker AFB during her time in the Navy, and in ’99 when nasty tornadoes swept through the area, the base deployed personnel to assist with rescue and first responder efforts. Karen found a puppy trapped under a house, rescued the […]

The Quilt

We’re occasionally asked, ‘what do you do all day?’ Well, life aboard for us is filled with activity. We spend a lot of time with our dogs; frequent shore trips prompt walks in the environs we visit; there’s the never-ending maintenance to keep our home afloat – well, afloat! The vision of a life of […]

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