Mail call…

We arrived in Lauderdale on Sunday, the 21st. Between the server outage and our very busy social calendar here at the Yacht Club, I’ve fallen behind in posting. We have friends and relatives here, so we’ve been busy with visiting as well as catching up on some parts procurement and provisioning. Barb has relatives on her mom’s side who live here in Ft. Lauderdale, and are members at Coral Ridge Yacht Club. We also have friends here in Chris and Joyce on Celebrate and the Klein’s on Kasekuchen, both Selene’s.


We have been accumulating deliveries over the past few weeks, using Jane & Bill Wikberg’s home as a freight depot. From pup meds to oil filters, to a new vacuum cleaner plus a mail drop from home and more, they accumulated a trunk full and were gracious enough to deliver it all dockside on our arrival at Coral Ridge Yacht Club, where they’re active members. Just like Christmas all over!
Our friends and neighbors, Todd & Belinda are ex-cruisers, and have been kind enough to take in our mail, keep an eye on the homestead, and periodically pack up our mail and an occasional package and ship it all to us when we know we’ll be somewhere that we can count on receiving packages. As cruisers, they know first-hand how it works, and the pitfalls of the cruising lifestyle, mail is one of those necessary evils. Our mail drop to Lauderdale included a stowaway, who was actually a member of Todd & Belinda’s crew aboard S/V Kairos during their cruising experience 10 years ago. Chia has found his way to Lauderdale, he learned that there was an opportunity for travel out of the snowy cold north, and was able to find his way to us. He had a note for us, it explained…

I am not a true stowaway as I like to be out so I can see what is going on. This also enables me to continue searching for my real parents aboard S/V Receta. Thanks for taking me on! I packed lightly so not to be a burden aboard M/V Maerin. Your new friend, Chia.
P.S. How do you like my new deck shoes?

Molly and Sammy have checked Chia out, and it seems he will be accepted as a member of the crew, and will likely live up on the pilothouse console where he will be afforded the best view of the waterway. We’ll keep our eyes open for Receta. And…. the deck shoes are most appropriate.

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