Brunswick, GA

We arrived in Brunswick at 0730 Saturday morning after a 14 hour overnight from Savannah. We decided it would be better to do the overnight than run the ICW. The stretch from Savannah south through Georgia is some of the skinniest water in the ICW, and tides were running at low tide just about the time we would be in the thinnest part, so we braved the night to cut that part of the trip under the keel. It was a rainy trip, although seas were quite calm for most of the night, and there was very little traffic on our route other than some shrimpers, who despite the bad visibility, are fairly easy to see, lit up like a christmas tree! The trip was uneventful, and our approach into Brunswick and St. Simon’s Sound was made in the dark and the rain. The channel is a shipping channel, and is well-marked and deep, so it is a relatively easy approach.

We had reservations at Brunswick Landing Marina, and a slip assignment prior to our arrival since we knew we’d be arriving early. We spent Saturday catching up on some rest, cleaning up the boat, and some minor maintenance. Sunday was laundry day in earnest since the marina has free laundry facilities. It’s a very cruiser-oriented facility, with plenty of cruisers, many making the same trip home for the holidays.We met Les & Rosemary Dobbe on Voyager, a 53 ft. Selene, friends and cruising companions of Jo & Ade Salzer on Wandering Star, another Selene, a sistership to our boat, but lots newer! Rosemary shuttled me to the regional airport to pick up our rental, we’ll load it and be headed north in the morning Tuesday for an early Christmas with kids and family.

4 Responses to “Brunswick, GA”

  1. Myla and Dan on 07 Dec 2009 at 9:34 PM #

    Hi Steve and Barb,
    Merry early Christmas to you! We hope your trip is safe and fun. We’re enduring our 6th or 7th day of sub-freezing temps and snow – as I write it is 5 degrees!! What was I thinking, selling the boat?! Dan just puts on another Cape Breton sweater and smiles.

    Shivering in our boots,
    Dan and Myla

  2. Bill Jacobs on 12 Dec 2009 at 5:01 AM #

    Hello Steve and Barb,

    I received your e-mail about a week ago and suspect you are now off on your sabbatical for the holidays. I hope all goes well in York and will look forward to the resumption of your voyage. I will be most interested to followup on your new communication equipment and if it meets your expectations.

    Happy Hokidays,
    Bill Jacobs

  3. Mother on 18 Dec 2009 at 10:36 AM #

    It looks like you got out of here just in time! Lots of snow predicted this weekend.UGH!!!


  4. Ken & Linda on 22 Dec 2009 at 3:17 PM #

    Steve and Barb

    Merry Christmas. Looks like we all missed a big snow at home. Our best wishes for the new year.