Calabash River, Thoroughfare Creek, Price Creek

The stretch of ICW from Wrightsville Beach to Charleston, SC is among the most scenic parts of the whole of the ICW in our view. The waterway meanders past a myriad of golf courses as we pass through Myrtle Beach, through “Low Country” plantations and rice fields of South Carolina , through the marshes and deep ocean creeks near Charleston. We spent the past two nights in remote anchorages, first Calabash River right on the border of North and South Carolina, and last night at Throroughfare Creek.


Thoroughfare is a long and deep creek, just off the Waccamaw. It is fresh water, and winds for miles upstream where it finally connects with the Great Pee Dee River. The anchorage is one of our favorites, with deep water and a wonderful area to explore both by dink and ashore as well.


The dogs have a great time, since the area is so remote they can run off lead to their hearts’ content. The water is fresh, so Molly can swim and not need a bath afterwards! There is plenty of wildlife, we saw an abundance of deer tracks on shore. Just before sunset I was standing outside and heard a splash. Looking in the direction of the sound, I saw a head breaking the surface of the water. I watched the beaver make his way along the shore for several hundred yards before a passing boat caused him to dive. At sunset, the air cools, the surface of the water turns to a mirror-flat surface, and things really get quiet. The only sounds are the sounds of the owls in the live oak, and of course, the mosquitos. We made the mistake of not closing up before the sun started to drop, and we ended up with several hundred of the critters inside the boat before we realized what was happening!  The little shop vac to the rescue!! No muss, no fuss. They can’t escape the suction, and there’s no mess from swatting!


There is a significant current in the creek, but as long as the hook is well set, no worries. It is as peaceful a spot as you could want! Friday morning dawned clear and not too cool, a great start for our cruise to Price Creek, just north of Charleston. Price Creek is a relatively narrow creek that connects the ICW to the ocean. The inlet is impassable to all but small boats, so it’s not often traveled. It is deep, and has a strong current, but good holding and in the middle of the marsh. A good stopover point., and there’s a beach that’s easily accessible by dinghy, and a great place for the dogs (and their humans!) to get out and stretch their legs. Tonight’s forecast is for light winds, so it should be another peaceful night on the hook.

We’ll put into Charleston Saturday, mid-morning for a few days’ stay at Charleston Maritime Center, where we plan to meet up with fellow cruisers Jeff & Karen Siegel. Never met, but we’ve been in contact for some time, since Jeff is the creator of ActiveCaptain,  the interactive cruisers’ guide book. I’m fairly certain Jeff speaks geek, so it should be an interesting conversation. Besides, a couple who cruise with two labs have to be pretty good people!

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  1. Bill Wood on 24 Nov 2009 at 12:57 PM #

    Steve and Barb
    We agree – the Wacamaw is the prettiest section of the ICW. Sounds like you’re having your usual great cruise. Fair Winds
    Bill and Vivian