The Great Dismal Swamp


We left Norfolk at 0910 Monday morning. The wind had died somewhat, skies were overcast and temps in the 50’s. A most suitable day to transit the Dismal Swamp. There are two alternative routes between Norfolk and the Albemarle Sound. The Virginia Cut is the more frequently used route as it is somewhat deeper, and requires transiting one lock. The Dismal Swamp route is somewhat further west, and requires the transit of two locks. It generally takes longer to transit, and is subject to deadheads or other floating or not-so-floating flotsam, so many cruisers prefer to avoid it, however it is generally accepted to be more scenic, and is a very relaxing cruise. The Dismal Swamp canal was established in the late 1700’s, George Washington was one of the founders, so there is lots of history surrounding the Canal.

Our transit at this point is incomplete. We opted to continue through the lock at South Mills instead of laying overnight at the bulkhead just north of the lock. In hindsight not the better choice. But our anchorage at Shipyard Bar will provide us with a quiet overnight. We’ll continue in the morning to our destination at Elizabeth City. Tomorrow is forecast to be clear and warm, a welcome break from the dismal weather of the past several days!

2 Responses to “The Great Dismal Swamp”

  1. Andrea on 03 Nov 2009 at 9:59 PM #

    Hi Guys. Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you! Love you so much.

  2. Lisa on 05 Nov 2009 at 9:49 PM #

    Thinking of you being nice and toasty as I am typing in my long john shirt and fleece and turned on my heated car seat tonite on the way home. the first of the season Hope the sun continues to shine for you