Portsmouth, VA – does the sun ever shine here??

We arrived in Portsmouth on Saturday at 1740, to balmy temperatures in the 80’s and gathering clouds. We spent the evening walking around Old Towne Portsmouth. We enjoy seeing the beautiful old homes and the wonderful architecture. Most are beautifully restored. The weather cooled considerably with temperatures Sunday in the mid 50’s and rainy skies. The last time we visited a year ago almost to the day, we had similar weather. We spent 4 days here last year waiting for the weather to moderate. We may be doing the same drill this year!

Today we took the paddlewheel ferry across the river to Norfolk and spent part of the day there. We toured the MacArthur memorial, learned about the General who is buried there. Interesting and informative. The afternoon was spent replacing the generator impeller. I had noticed a slight decrease in water flow and some increase in sound from the generator exhaust. Removal of the impeller revealed a blade broken from the impeller and partially blocking the discharge. Repairs completed, the genset is now running normally, and further work avoided by prompt attention to a minor problem.

If the weather moderates tomorrow, we’ll move on south, probably taking the Dismal Swamp route.

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