Coinjock, NC

We made our way from Norfolk finally on Thursday as the low pressure system started moving off to the east. We had lots of company since everyone else who is southbound was waiting for the weather to moderate as well. There were 14 boats in our procession from Norfolk thru Gilmerton and the Virginia Cut. 2388Lots of jockeying for position, many of the boats were deliveries, and some of the captains were less than professional. So it goes with the territory. There are a lot of boats transiting the ICW heading south!

Our cruise was under dreary skies, and although we had a smooth ride, the weather was cool, damp, and generally unpleasant. It was smirning (not quite raining, but wet). The Albemarle was millpond smooth, and the trip beyond the initial log jamb was uneventful. We arrived at Coinjock just before dark. We opted for a marina stay rather than press on to Buck Island to anchor. It was a good choice. It was a long day, so it was nice not to have to launch the dink to take the dogs ashore.. in the dark! We were able to do some laundry, give Maerin a quick rinse, and top off the water tanks.

A good nights’ sleep and we were up the next morning for a departure at 0635- daybreak! Destination Albemarle Sound and Pungo River.

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