St. Mary’s MD

We departed Solomon’s shortly before noon after coffee with the Wright’s and a run to the grocery store.There were quite a few Selene’s at Washburn’s, many are having some work completed prior to heading south.



We had an uneventful and smooth cruise to St. Mary’s, located on the St. Mary’s River, just a few miles up river from the Mouth of the Potomac. It dates from the 1600’s and was Maryland’s first capital. Now it is the home of St. Mary’s College and Historic St. Mary’s City. We arrived just as the St. Mary’s College crew team was wrapping up their practice session. It’s a beautiful spot, old plantation sites overlook the scenic river, and the college is a beautiful campus. We enjoyed walking the campus and the historic Old City, and a short dinghy tour of the river before we raised the anchor and headed south around 1100.


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