Arrived Norfolk Sunday afternoon, anchored at Hospital Point. Had a decent cruise from Deltaville VA where we stayed Saturday night. We’ll stay here in Norfolk for a day or two, do a bit of exploring here and at Portsmouth. We’re anchored on the Portsmouth side, it’s just a short dinghy hop to shore at Tidewater Marina. We’ll make a stop on the Norfolk side Tuesday to visit the Wisconsin and Nauticus, the marine museum. 2327Portsmouth Old towne section had lots of interesting old homes and examples of varied architecture styles popular in its long history. Monday afternoon was spent with a lunch out at a Brazilian steak bistro for lunch, and a walk through the MacArthur Center, a huge mall in the heart of downtown Norfolk. Weather is downright dreary as of this posting, we’re shooting for Albemarle Sound transit on Friday, when we expect the low pressure front to have passed and we’ll have better weather. As we are quickly learning, fall boating is driven by the frequent frontal system passages, since we don’t have a timetable, we can find plenty to see and do while we coordinate our passages with favorable weather. Our stout vessel can handle a lot of sloppy conditions, but there’s no need to push our luck!

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  1. the eichers on 04 Nov 2008 at 8:05 PM #

    Glad to see you are on your way! We will continue to follow your journey. All is well here. Safe travels – Bill and Eleanor