Middle River- familiar surroundings!


We are back on Middle River, at “home” at Stansbury Yacht Basin. We arrived June 28, after an uneventful trip up the Bay, with just a stop or two on the way. We stopped overnight in Annapolis, always a favorite stop for us! Of course no trip to Annapolis is complete without a visit to Fawcett’s where we stocked up on some supplies we’ll need in the next few weeks. We’ll be in a slip at Stansbury while I take care of estate matters, and during our stay we’ll be working on some minor maintenance items for Maerin, some of which are already completed at the time of this writing. She is once again glistening from a fresh buff and wax, and the teak cap rail is in the process of being re-varnished.


New generator and main start batteries, and some new hoses, seawater pump rebuild, and some other projects that are much easier to manage with a “home base”, wheels, and access to a shipping address and more tooling than we carry aboard! We’ll be alternating staying at our “dirt home” and aboard as our schedules dictate.

So the blog will be sparse for a bit, I promise to get some photos up of Molly and “Louey”, our boat neighbor dog who have become fast friends.


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