Lynyard Cay & Little Harbor


Our two days in Lynyard Cay were great. The weather finally relented, and since we left New Providence, we’ve been treated to some of the best weather we’ve had in all our time in the Bahamas. About time!! We met some cruisers and got some welcome beach time. The beaches on Lynyard are beautiful, and a short walk across the dune ridge puts you on the ocean side of the Cay. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed their beach time and both of them finally laid down on the beach, tired from all the horseplay, walking, and swimming.


We¬† visited Pete’s Pub and Gallery, the lighthouse ruins, and toured the town. The tour took about three minutes. On our arrival on the beach at Pete’s, we were greeted by a lab mix, Chica, who tagged along with us on our walk to the north end of town to visit the lighthouse ruins.


The main street by Pete’s pub is sand. Most of the vehicles are golf carts, with some pickups thrown into the mix. We met another couple who came from the mainland part of Abaco to have lunch at Pete’s. They also had their potcake dog, Lucky who was a rescue.


All three dogs tore around the beach in front of the deck, taking an occasional swim to cool off, and entertained us for a good half hour. There was a small float plane tied to one of the moorings in the harbor! He flew out past where we were anchored later in the day.


Besides Pete’s Pub, the Gallery, and the foundry, there’s not much going on in LIttle Harbor. Very laid back, but mostly vacation homes there, not too many of which were occupied. We enjoyed a swim back at the boat, our anchorage was on Lynyard Cay which lies about 2-3 miles to the north of Little Harbor, across the inlet. The inlet is not particularly wide, perhaps 3/4 of a mile, and is one that can be subject to a “rage”, where easterly winds can fight with outgoing currents, causing the seas to heap up and become very confused, and potentially treacherous. Our entrance was relatively smooth, conditions weren’t quite right for a rage,

We decided to head north to Hopetown as our next port of call, so after a few hours at the beach, we up-anchored late Monday morning and headed for Hopetown on Elbow Cay, about 20 miles to the north, just under three hours’ run.

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