Departed Kingston NY Thurs AM about 08:10.  A wonderful cruise north. The Hudson is dramatically different in the area north of “the Highlands”. It’s similar to being on the Susquehanna at home without the ships! We had very little traffic of any sorts. Our weather was again picture-perfect. Crystal clear skies, and wonderfully comfortable temperatures. The Hudson was like a mill pond for the day’s cruise. The most motion we had was from an occasional passing boat. We passed one or two barges, no ship traffic. The river is not as wide in this area. We passed some interesting camp sites along the shore, there is more accessable shore line, and more opportunity for anchorage. We arrived 16:20 at Albany Yacht Club where we will stay overnight before heading up into the Erie Canal system, and then towards Oneida.

More photos in the Photo Gallery, updated every day or so with the most recent pictures.

Albany is still tidal, one of the last points on the route north & west that is still affected by tides from the Atlantic, some 145 miles away!

Albany Yacht Club is a good spot to overnight, with some stores close by, and a wonderful bakery about 4 blocks away where we found some very tasty, very fresh goodies. We spent some time Friday morning lowering the mast, antennas, inventorying our lines, and placing fenders. Now we look like real cruisers!

We leave Albany, tidal waters, and head toward Federal Lock, called so because it is actually an Army Corps lock, and part of the Federal system, not the NY Canal system.1933|3201984|320

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