Liberty Landing

We arrived at Liberty Landing in Hoboken, NJ on Saturday afternoon. Our cruise was smooth, our weather was good, although the day started foggy, we ended up with a crystal clear sky coming into New York Harbor.

Lady Liberty viewed from the harbor is an impressive and inspiring sight. We arrived at Liberty Landing marina at about 13:30 hrs. Our slip was a bit tight, the dockmaster prefaced our slip assignment with “How are your manuevering skills??” We hung fenders between Maerin & the sailboat in the adjoining slip, there was very little room left!  The city view was pretty impressive, although neither of us really enjoy the metropolitan scene, it was an experience! We spent the remainder of the afternoon touring Ellis Island, it was an interesting tour. The main building has been restored, and work is continuing on others.

New York Harbor is a busy place, with ferries zipping back & forth across the harbor, lots of commercial as well as recreational traffic. We didn’t spend too much time, back on the water on Sunday mid-morning, up the Hudson. I rented some wi-fi access time, our coverage was very spotty coming up the Jersey shore, so I had some catching up to do! A self-portrait of your webmaster in the cockpit office. Manhattan skyline is the backdrop.1851

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