North to Kingston

Tuesday spent cruising, an easy cruise north to Kingston, NY. Our weather was changeable, started out slightly overcast, and after noon, winds picked up to about 20kts. accompanying the passage of a front. The front brought high pressure, beautiful clear skies, and much lower temperatures. Morning temps this morning (Wed) were in the 40’s. Great sleeping! Our cruise took us past many famous spots along the Hudson,

1871 Hyde Park, West Point, Bannerman’s Island, a Vanderbuilt Mansion, and numerous other historic sites.  Kingston has a small municipal marina facility along Rondout Creek, very well protected, good depth, and very low cost for an overnight stay! We arrived 13:45, spent Tues. & Wed. in Kingston. Very nice if small Maritime Museum, took a bus to the “Stockade” area where many of the original buildings that date back to the 1600’s when the Dutch were settling New York and the town was built within a stockade for protection from the native Indians.. Some of the buildings are well-preserved. Some are not, but the historic area is very interesting. A walk through the Dutch Reformed churchyard gave us a glimpse into the Dutch heritage, and some of the grave markers date from the late 1600’s. Thursday AM we’ll leave Kingston for points north. Our forecast is for clear weather into the weekend. More photos of Kingston are in the gallery, click the photos above to follow the link directly to the photo album.

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