Haverstraw, NY

Sunday & Monday in Haverstraw to visit Karen. Arrived Sunday afternoon 15:30 hrs. Stayed in Haverstraw Marina. Not too many anchorage opportunities on the Hudson, but we’re spoiled with the seemingly limitless gunkholes and coves that the Chesapeake is so well-known for. The Hudson boasts some spectacular scenery, check the photo gallery for some photos of the cruise up the river.  We stayed Sunday & Monday, took advantage of having wheels to make some shopping runs.

We also had an opportunity to see Karen’s barn, and introduce Molly to the horses. A bit overwhelming for her to see an animal that large!

Haverstraw Marina is well-protected, but a single point connects all the docks to the shore, and it is probably a quarter mile from the boat to the parking lot. I imagine the weekend boaters there have a system to deal with it, but it would not be something I would relish!

We left Tuesday morning headed north, with decent weather predicted.

One Response to “Haverstraw, NY”

  1. Karen on 22 Aug 2008 at 7:42 AM #

    It was so nice to see you guys! I wish you were always close enough to see regularly. Molly sure is getting big! I hope you come back down to see me again on your way back through. Have fun and be safe, I love you! Give the kids a kiss for me.