Weather window?

Now that the repairs are completed, plus every other maintenance task that needed to be done, again we wait for the wind!! It’s howling out of the east at up to 30 kts, the result of the high pressure system that has stalled over the central Bahamas. That high is also pumping the warm air into the mid Atlantic, temps there are higher than they are here! Those who are traveling are only traveling with the winds. Those llike us who want to head east are waiting it out. Seas are reported to be 6-8 ft in the ocean, less on the bank, still not somewhere we really want to be! If we’ve gotta be stuck someplace with weather, there are worse places we could be! Our wash is caught up, and we’ve seen just about all there is to see around Coral Harbour, Nassau is just a bit too far to bike, especially with the winds!

Our window is supposed to open Tuesday or Wednesday, and this run’s predictions have been pretty close. Stay tuned for further developments!

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