Nassau revisited


Up anchor this morning, Tuesday bound for Alan’s Cay, as a stopover to Nassau. Not that we were all that cranked about Nassau in the first place, but Maerin is ill, so Nassau’s the place to be.  Our generator heat exchanger is leaking, seawater is in the engine cooling circuit, so a repair must be made, and requires a new exchanger. Ouch. It’s not fatal, and the seawater in the engine can be removed and flushed, but not here in the Exumas. Heck, eggs are $6 /doz. I can only imagine what the damages would be on parts, plus the shipping to get them here!

No coverage between here and Nassau, so no posts till maybe Thursday.

There will be a catch-up post on Staniel Cay, we’ve so enjoyed our stay here, it warrants a better post than I can do justice right now.

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