Back in the water

We splashed Tuesday, just as planned. Ya’ gotta love it when things happen just like you were told they were going to! Maerin was in the slip upon our arrival at Herrington Harbour. Seeing Maerin floating again was a sight for sore eyes! Our 1st night aboard in many weeks was a welcome one. Wednesday we’ll be busy unloading the Durango and finding a home for all the stuff we brought along. There are some mechanical details to check up on before we head out. The thruster work is judged to be an improvement, the thruster is a bit quieter, and seems to be creating a bit more thrust. With the amount of buildup on the blades, it can’t be anything but improved.

Molly, the newest member of the crew was busy exploring every area of the boat, she is learning to be a good traveler, she slept for the trip down. It was a busy day for her, she slept through the night. Sammy is tolerant and seems to be protective, although an altercation over a rawhide chip before bed time left Molly screaming and Sammy scurrying for a low spot. She learned some boundaries, Sammy learned that he really isn’t the alpha dog, I am; and both humans were again reminded that the only way to intervene is through calm assertive action. It was a bit tense for a while. We’ll do better the next time!

Today’s activities will be mostly organizing, there is a minor problem with cooling water to the genset that is typical after being out of the water, so that will be addressed. Weather promises to be good tomorrow, so we’ll probably do some traveling. We’ll get to see how much improvement the smooth bottom and re-tuned prop provides.

One Response to “Back in the water”

  1. Lisa on 17 Jul 2008 at 9:52 PM #

    So glad to hear you are afloat again
    The new upholstery looks beautiful, love the color,
    Where are you now?
    How is miss Molly? and of course you guys are probably smiling from ear to ear