Norman’s Cay

Norman’s is still under construction, we took a dinghy ride into the basin, it’s HUGE! It appears that there are piers planned all around the perimeter, there are three or four piers completed with pedestals, a few center console boats tied up, all fixed piers. The remnants of the Lehder years have all been demolished, not much remains of that era other than the stories! A few new active construction sites dot the perimeter of Norman’s pond. It’s an interesting dinghy explore.

We dinghied up to one of the shallow bights, and went ashore for some beach time. Well, LOTS of beach time. We miscalculated the tide and ended up stranding the dinghy, so we had time to kill while we waited for the water to come back. At a little over 300 pounds, dragging isn’t an option! The dogs were perfectly happy to spend the day on the beach, a packed lunch would have helped! We arrived about 11 AM, our departure almost 6 hours later. A group of folks exploring the sand bars gave us a lift to get the dink back to the water and we were on our way back for supper! It was a fun day, despite being stranded. No sunburn, a little thirsty, but a day on the beach, nonetheless!

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  1. Paul on 18 Apr 2019 at 7:59 AM #

    We stranded ourselves south of Black Point a couple of years ago. We didn’t have the patience to wait so we spent over half an hour spinning the dinghy to the water. We were totally exhausted. Now we anchor off the beach and just accept we are going to get wet!