University Cove

We spent the weekend at University Cove, just inside Baker’s Haulover inlet. It’s a good staging area for crossing to the Bahamas. The state park is delightful, lots of trails to walk. The weekend was very busy, the Baker’s sand bar as well as the cove are a popular weekend destination, LOTS of boats! No problems. We’re fueled, provisioned, have our dog paperwork in hand, and will up anchor at oh-dark-thirty as soon as we stir and get moving. Despite the weather prediction containing a northern component, we’ll still make the crossing. Winds are predicted to be light and variable, seas at “0” feet, and the northern component doesn’t come into play until the afternoon, by which time we should be in Bimini checking in! We considered crossing today, Monday, but decided to hold out for the calmer forecast. A narrow window, but predicted to hold. We’ll see!

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