Family in Savannah

Some discussion months ago resulted in a plan to meet up with family somewhere along our route south. The choice filtered down to Savannah. It’s one of our favorites, it’s a destination that our daughter and family had not visited, and a marina we’d visited before was an option at reasonable cost. Plans were made and a date chosen.

Now arriving at a chosen destination on a particular date by cruising boat is always tricky, and the complexity is proportional to the number of miles between the destination and the starting point. As a result, we rarely commit to a specific arrival date.  There’s not much on board a cruising vessel that’s more treacherous than a schedule!

We had an enjoyable visit. Coffee Bluff Marina is owned by the City of Savannah, and is a small, friendly place. Very dog-friendly, and our crew enjoyed joining the pack on the pier during our stay. The marina is off the beaten path south of Savannah, but our rental worked well to shuttle between the kids’ lodgings and the marina, since toddler bed times required them to be back at an early hour. We saw lots of sights around Savannah, despite some rainy weather.

Our grandkids had a great time at their Air BnB that had a kid-friendly yard. They enjoyed getting feet wet in the surf, a contrast to their experience with the Pacific cold water! And they had a great time exploring the odd house in which their grandparents live! We treated son-in-law David to some Maryland style steamed crabs, enjoyed on the patio of the marina, and he was able to experience a few of the myriad dining experiences Savannah offers. Grandma & grandpa had a great time with the grandkids while mom & dad had a quiet adult night out at the Pirate House restaurant. We had the luck to see a few dolphins in the river, even if they were a bit further away than we’d have asked for!

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