Wow! Ten years!!

Holy cow! How time flies. We started our first trip up the Hudson and the New York Canal system in August of 2008. We’ve been cruising for over ten years! In that time, we’ve logged  35,880 nautical miles (that’s equivalent to 41,290 statute miles).  This trip south on the ICW marks our 9th trip down “the ditch”. Some other factoids…

  •  We cruised the Bahamas 7 times, and plan to travel to the Bahamas after the 1st of the year, our 8th trip.
  • 4 trips on the Hudson River & New York Canal System.
  • 249 Locks transited
  • 2 trips to Florida’s west coast.
  • 3 cruises into Canada
  • 6041 engine hours accumulated
  • 19,720 gallons diesel fuel consumed
  • 30 Main engine oil changes (about 120 gallons)
  • 3,830 Generator hours accumulated
  • 3 refrigerators purchased (We have a bad track record with expensive marine refrigerators!)

No drownings, no shipwrecks, towed once, no crew lost. I’d say our cruising time was a success! It certainly has been an enjoyable ride, and we still love our small ship. There’s simply no other place we’d rather call home!

Thanks for cruising along!

One Response to “Wow! Ten years!!”

  1. Todd Jackson on 30 Dec 2018 at 1:05 PM #

    I’ve been thinking about you guys and hungry for an update. Even though it’s a bit dated the October post satisfied the curiosity. Take care guys, keep having fun!!
    Hope all is well with your California crew as well.
    I could comment on fuel consumption…..but I won’t 😉