Knock, knock…

Somebody’s home.  We have occasion to visit with folks we meet along the way, sometimes we have a knock on the boat as folks pass by just to say hello. We’ve been getting a lot of “what kind of boat is this?…” comments up here in the hinterlands because well, a heavy blue water capable boat in fresh water is a bit out of the ordinary. We enjoy chatting with folks about the boat, and often welcome other boaters for a tour and a chance to share experiences about boating in fresh water inland lakes vs. coastal cruising. We’ve seen some older boats in very good condition, maybe a 5 month season has something to do with that, as I’m sure the fresh water most certainly does. Except for the stinkin’ spiders, it’s gotta be easier to keep a boat looking good here!  It’s a different style of boating! I’m still wondering though, what the point is of owning a sport fish on the Great Lakes…

So, while we’re home and you’ve stopped by to visit the blog, it’s a one way visit. We don’t know you’ve been by, so leave a comment to let us know you visited! It’s fuel for the writer to know somebody’s reading this stuff!

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  1. Lisa on 31 Jul 2017 at 11:28 PM #

    Hey I’m here enjoying your adventures.

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