Georgetown, SC

From Bird Island, up anchor at 0705 Wednesday and headed back to the ICW, bound for Georgetown. This particular section of the ICW transits the Waccamaw River. The route is a scenic cruise through “low country” cypress swamps and marshlands. The whole route is deep, so no worries about grounding and it makes for a very relaxing cruise. There are a number of excellent anchorage spots along the route where we could have stopped overnight, but we opted to continue to Georgetown. We arrived shortly after 1530 hrs. with a slip arranged for earlier in the day at Georgetown Dry Stack.

Georgetown is a picturesque town, we secured the boat and headed to town to do some exploring. Being Veteran’s Day, we happened upon the local Veteran’s Day observance, complete with a parade, vets, marching band, low flying helicopter, and lots of local folks lining the streets in support of their veterans. It was fun! Molly, of course was along, and got plenty of “kid fixes”. She enjoys activities where there are lots of people, and if those people are really little, it’s even better! We did some walking round town, then returned to the boat, fed Molly, donned sweatshirts, and returned to town to enjoy a meal out. A welcome treat, enhanced by the warm weather we’ve been blessed with.

We enjoyed a very peaceful night and planned to continue our cruise the following morning.

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