End of the Hiatus!!

Our cruising hiatus is about to end!  We are poised to finally slip lines and head south, none too soon as it’s already mid-December and we’re still in the slip at Stansbury! We are awaiting delivery of some new floor coverings, the last item on our get-out-of-Dodge list.

Our house is once again on the market, we’ve culled a lot of stuff, have those things we’ll keep boxed up and ready to head to storage once the house sells. Our timing is less than optimum, but some things one can plan for, some not; and this is one of those plans that just didn’t come together the way we preferred. We may be returning at some point to finish up with the house, but for now it’s in “away” mode and being looked after by friends and neighbors. But our home is aboard, we have no plans to return to the house in York County.

Maerin has undergone two years of maintenance and upgrades, and is ready to cruise.  Still, we have no misconceptions about the reality of cruising, so we’re prepared to do repairs in exotic places! We’ll be making a hard push to get south into warmer weather. We’re not sure where Christmas will be spent this year, but it’s likely to be unremarkable as our focus will be on getting as many miles between us and the Chesapeake as we can in as short a time as possible!

So the blog will come alive again. If you’ve visited before and are returning, please add a comment!




One Response to “End of the Hiatus!!”

  1. Jeffrey Siegel on 11 Dec 2014 at 3:32 PM #

    There’s a Dark & Stormy with your guys names on it when you get south!

    Safe travels,