Great Guana Cay

We arrived at Great Guana Cay Saturday afternoon along with fellow Selene’s Innu and Celebrate. We made the requisite visit to Nipper’s and enjoyed some great beach time. Molly was thrilled to be romping in the surf. There’s no doubt that she loves the water, and being in the surf is about as good as it gets! It’s great entertainment to watch her pound into the waves in pursuit of the ever-present tennis ball! Nipper’s hosts a pig roast buffet on Sunday, and we returned again Sunday afternoon for a drink and some more beach time. We met up again with Mike and Carrie and daughter Heather aboard S/V Carrie Anne. We had met them last year in Warderick Wells and enjoyed renewing friendships and sharing cruising experiences.

We were joined in the Anchorage by Dreamweaver who plan to join us for the crossing back to the US in a few days, making four boats crossing together; well, at least we’ll be starting out together, since each boat making the crossing has a slightly different optimum cruising speed. We will likely be bringing up the rear as we head to Port Canaveral, as we generally cruise a bit slower than the others, all larger with a bit faster hull speed. We’ll head from Great Guana Cay to Green Turtle Cay, then a longer run to Great Sale Cay Tuesday morning. Then Wednesday we’ll make the 150-some mile overnight run to Port Canaveral. We’ll arrive about 24 hours after we depart. Our weather window is shaping up to be good. Although the low pressure system in control of the weather has provided cloudy and squally conditions for the past few days, winds are predicted to be less than 6 knots and seas around 2 feet with a 12 second period for our run; so we’re hoping for a smooth ride!

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  1. Laura & Mark on 01 Jun 2012 at 1:35 PM #

    Thanks for making me not to want to be at work with this post. Glad to hear you make it back safely and are on your way back up North.